This page was last updated: May 7, 2021

The league fees had been increased to $60.00 for one team and $100.00 for dual team players.  As a result of not being able to go forth with the banquet for last year, fees for individuals who played last year have been reduced by $20.00.  Hence, players who paid last year will be assessed $40.00 for one team and $80.00 for dual division players and new players will pay $60.00 for one team and $100.00 for dual division players.

At this point in time the City of Mishawaka has NOT imposed any Covid restrictions to date but warned it could change if the CDC or the County of Saint Joseph mandattions e any new restrictions.
The league commissioners are asking that we continue the social distancing and other precautions that were used last season.  Masks are not required by the league but may be used if a player so chooses.

Look for printable divisional schedules on the schedule page.

The league has reserved the diamonds for all Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month of April,  Starting April 1st  Henry Frank and Normain parks are available for practices.  It is recommended that you contact the respective commissioner(s) in hopes to avoid having too many teams trying to use the same diamond on the same day.
After the schedules went to print it became apparent that our home run derby was not able to happen on the day that the commissioners planned it for.
The new day for the home run derby has been moved to Monday June 21st at Normain Park.

On another subject, the ongoing scurge of the Covid-19 virus we would like to honor one of our fallen comrads Steve Prince.

As far as his friends know, Steve Prince never hit a home run in his life.
If he had, he wouldn’t have said so. He was never the hero in any of the stories he told.
He was happy to be a line-drive or bloop hitter. When he connected on a pitch, he could put it in
the gap, usually for a nice single and rarely a double.
His mission was to fill the bases. Someone else could hit the long ball and bring the runs home.
This was the way he was off the field as well. He knew all the punch lines but he liked hearing someone
else tell the joke.
Steve, who died in December at age 75 during the worst of the covid pandemic, came late to the
league and played just a handful of years in our senior division, as an infielder on the H.G. Christman
team. He was a good teammate and a friend to all who met him.
For many, the beginning of the 2021 softball season was a stark reminder of Steve’s death. His
widow, Mary, was at Tuesday’s opener. Also, in Jerry AuFrance’s bat bag was Steve’s Reebok Melee,
which he had left with Jerry for safe keeping.
In that game against Wesolowski Insurance, four of the Christman players used that Melee bat. It
was one of those nip-and-tuck games that are common in the senior division. The Melee was in Jerry’s
hands with the game on his shoulders when he lined a homer near the left-field pole as Christman pulled
out a 17-16 win. For Jerry, whose homers are rare, it was a special moment.
Steve’s bat had won the game, but he would have been the first to say that it was Jerry’s home
run, not his. That’s the way Steve was, and that’s one of the reasons why he will be missed.

Editorial comments are compliments of Ken Bradford one of South Bend Tribune"s former editors.